Welcome to The Epic Lifestyles podcast where we interview people who take life to the next level, they search for success past the mundane surfaces and experiences, many of us are willing to just live with.
These people set themselves apart by their daily achievements, they are willing to sacrifice a little something more than the rest of us, to achieve their idea of success.

This is season 2! We are excited to get going! If you want to find out more about your host Anyssa pop over to her website, you will find blogs on body, mind and business. Bringing you the best in these arenas is her passion! If you want to recommend someone who is changing the world by bringing their best self to what they do, please connect at www.anyssajane.com

We are back and on the hunt for people who are looking to design their own beautiful life and build their epic empires but first!  First for those of us who have struggled to know what was holding us back, I wanted to start the new year with Zsofi Bruckner who can assist us to understand the 4 pillars that could be holding us back from the life we know we are worthy, deserve and want so badly! 

Zsofi Bruckner is a Business & Purpose Alignment Coach
*Alternative medicine, lifestyle and energy medicine practitioner, Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor. Click on Episode to listen on your favorite device

Green Lake, Whistler BC 2020 – by Anyssa Jane