Introduce Wolves: From Whistler’s Craziest Audience to Creating Their Own Path

In a small mountain town known for its outdoor adventures, Anyssa had the pleasure of interviewing Rory, the singer and songwriter from the band Introduce Wolves. Despite starting their journey during the challenging year of 2020, Introduce Wolves recently played their biggest show in Whistler, leaving a lasting impact on the crowd. This article delves into their unique experiences, their love for original music, and their determination to make a mark beyond Whistler.

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Rory has called Whistler home for the past seven years, and the recent show in Appre Appre marked a significant milestone for the band in building a presence.With the limited rock events in Whistler, the enthusiastic response from the crowd was overwhelming. Rory emphasizes the energetic nature of the people in Whistler, who never seem to tire and continue to support live performances. It was this incredible atmosphere that propelled the band to new heights.

Whistler has a unique way of bringing people together. Rory recounts how he reunited with three old friends from France during a chance encounter at a local pub. The strong bond formed during their time in France allowed them to pick up right where they left off. Such connections highlight the tight-knit community in Whistler and how friendships can endure even across vast distances.

Musical Roots and Influences: Growing up in close proximity to Liverpool, Rory was exposed to iconic bands like the Beatles, Oasis, and the Stone Roses. These British rock bands heavily influenced his musical taste from a young age. Rory’s parents, both avid music fans, instilled a passion for music in him. He began playing guitar at the age of nine, eventually expanding his repertoire to include piano and singing. The Manchester music scene played a significant role in shaping his artistic journey.

While many musicians start in cover bands, Rory’s path took a different direction. He predominantly played original music even from a young age. However, his experience in a Whistler cover band allowed him to understand the dynamics and fun that covers bring to live shows. Introduce Wolves takes a unique approach by carefully selecting covers that set them apart from other bands, maintaining their individuality while keeping the audience engaged.

Rory’s songwriting journey has been a continuous process of experimentation and growth. After a period of reduced musical output, he dedicated himself to writing music once again. A period of injury, during which he couldn’t participate in skiing, gave him ample time to focus on composing. Rory delved into online courses and extensive reading to refine his songwriting skills. The result was a collection of songs that now form the backbone of Introduce Wolves’ repertoire.

Future Plans and Aspirations: Looking ahead, Introduce Wolves plans to release a new EP in the near future. They are constantly writing new material and aim to organize their own outdoor event, potentially even their own festival. The band’s DIY approach reflects their belief in their own abilities to create opportunities and pursue their dreams without relying on others. Rory’s determination and passion shine through as he discusses the band’s upcoming projects and the sense of empowerment that comes from taking control of their musical journey.

Introduce Wolves’ journey from Whistler’s vibrant music scene to their own original compositions showcases their dedication and love for music. The band’s unique blend of influences, combined with their energetic live performances, has garnered them a dedicated following. As they continue to carve their own path, Introduce Wolves proves that with passion, hard work, and a little Whistler magic, they can achieve their musical aspirations beyond the borders of their mountain town.

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