Zsofi Bruckner

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Zsofi Bruckner

Zsofi Bruckner
Functional Nutrition Health Alignment Coach

For 22 years Zsofi was struggling with health challenges, digestive issues, and hair loss (that started around age 12) that destroyed her self & body-confidence, created massive anxiety issues, and was holding her back from being able to find and live her soul’s purpose.
After she kept hitting the walls with the medical for 12 years, never getting one single answer, she felt completely lost and hopeless.
The only place left was going inside, through alternative and energy medicine.
In the 10 years of experiencing, learning, and working with many different holistic modalities and functional nutrition, her health issues  and even her hair loss symptoms started to go away.
That allowed her to finally  start following the call of her heart to be in service and make a positive impact in the world.
But, the success didn’t come easy. Battling with a lot of confidence issues, fears, and limiting beliefs was holding her back from full potential. Until she found the one missing piece for running a successful sacred business: Alignment.
Alignment means you are no longer blocking your own way of success and the ability of living your purpose.
That shifted everything, and now she is successfully helping  conscious people and entrepreneurs biohack their abundance by (re)creating alignment within themselves and with their soul mission, releasing blockages, so they can LIVE their soul’s purpose with unshakeable confidence and create financial freedom.

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